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Below is a chronological list of highlighted achievements, both academic and professional


January 2022-present

My current job is in the brand-new-to-me realm of instructional design at the University of Utah. I am so excited to develop my technology and pedagogical skills further in this exciting field.


August-November 2021

As part of my TESOL certificate, I completed a practicum at Horizonte Instruction and Training Center in Salt Lake City, UT. I lead discussions and exercises to a group of 10+ intermediate to advanced adult learners.


October 2019-December 2020

For over a year, I worked for the volunteer-run U2 news site, Check out my News Articles page for more information on my time as a writer and editor.


August 2019-December 2021

For two years, I taught elective classes at the University of Utah: UGS 1050: Major Exploration and UGS 1020: Intro to PreMed/PA. Having never TA'd or taught any courses before, teaching these two UGS classes fostered a deep love for education, even inspiring additional certification as a TESOL teacher.


November 2017-January 2022

I was an advisor in the Academic Advising Center (AAC) for over four years and loved every minute of it. During my time with AAC, I worked with students exploring majors (and later with those interested in careers in healthcare fields) and developed skills in content creation, public speaking, and teaching. 

I truly enjoyed advising and was even recognized for excellence in the field with nominations for advisor of the year; I also credit this job with introducing me to one of my professional passions: teaching.


April 2017-November 2017

After completing my CIS degree, I worked as a computer technician in an advising office at the U. Discovering the ins and outs of technology is something I have always enjoyed and always will, but after seeing the opportunities that advisors have to directly help college students, I shifted to a career in that.


May 2019-December 2021

TESOL was never something I considered in college, but after learning more about an online, non-credit certificate option through the University of Utah, I eagerly enrolled. The idea of combining teaching, English, and culture--three separate subjects I had always adored--into one program that would also allow me to expand my teaching repertoire? This was too good to pass up!


October 2016-December 2018

My MA is also from NAU. I was working full-time and had moved to Utah by this point, so I completed my degree entirely online and graduated summa cum laude. Nerdy as it sounds, I truly loved every one of my courses: editing, UX/UI design, proposal writing, project management, and workplace grammar.


August 2012-May 2016

I attended Northern Arizona University (NAU) and graduated summa cum laude, completed NAU's Honors Program (now college), and was named the Outstanding Senior CIS student for Spring 2016. 

This period is also the origins of my interest in professional writing: I took a technical writing class for my upper-division writing requirement and loved every minute of it. It also didn't hurt that I had an amazing instructor who created a fun, open classroom to foster learning and growth. Thank you, Mr. Gula!

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