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                         CONTENT CREATION


University of Utah | October 2020-January 2021 | 93 subscribers

I design and administer the Transfer U newsletter for prospective transfer students to the University of Utah. The newsletter is sent each semester ahead of application deadlines to inform students of the transfer process. I also issue bimonthly editions of the newsletter to highlight important topics or knowledge for transfer students.

Above is a newsletter issued to subscribers in Mach 2021 via MailChimp, highlighting the importance of connecting with an academic advisor.


University of Utah | November 2019-present | Issued campus-wide

After assuming leadership of the Academic Advising Center's Peer Program in August 2019, I developed The Peer Review newsletter. This bisemesterly newsletter allowed AAC's Peer Advisors--students who are trained as advisors--to share their unique perspectives on topics related to college life and advising. The newsletter was issued to AAC and the rest of the advising community on campus.

The above newsletter, issued in February 2021, features the Peers discussing ways to manage the stress that sometimes accompanies advising.


As part of an office-wide retreat, a committee I worked on was tasked with creating a workshop on drafting a unit mission statement. I created the above PowerPoint to deliver this presentation.


In my role as an advisor, I taught a course titled UGS 1050: Major Exploration. This is a lecture delivered to students on all of the different ways they can individualize, or "design," their undergraduate degree.


In college, I completed a Humanities-based, writing-intensive Honors course about Sherlock Holmes. A major project in the course required us to reflect on this 19th-century character's relevancy in today's world, via an in-class presentation.

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